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My name is Constance and I am an
enduring lover and follower of JESUS CHRIST,
wife of the best Hon-,
homeschool mom of four wonderful kids,
amateur writer,
I truly believe in keeping it all SimplyLiving101!
Blinkin SquigglePlease take time to look around and read what I’m currently up to on my Blog page.  I am always trying to become a better artist and you can see my art journals and the different courses I’ve been taking on my Art & Photography page in the menu above.

One more thing that I love to do is write inductive Bible studies.  I have been a Precept leader for thirteen years and since I love studying God’s Word and making art, I thought I would combine the two and make it all a special gift for you!

You can find the printable PDF forms of my Bible studies in the right side bar
I pray they are a blessing to you.

Contact Info:
You can leave a comment for me anywhere on this blog – or you can catch me at my other blog: ConstanceReeder.Com

Happy SimplyLiving!


6 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks Kelly! I found your different sites by checking out your profile that came through my email when you followed my blog. Just trying to find an email to send you my study 🙂 I love all you have worked so hard on to give glory to our wonderful God!!! I continually praise Him as He helps me to find sisters and brothers as yourself all over the world! You and Angie are the cutest!!

      Blessings and we’ll talk again when you can 🙂



    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Mikey. Your blog is beautiful and I really enjoy spending time reading through your writings of God’s Eternal Word! Thank you for sharing the obvious gift that God has bestowed upon you. I pray that it will serve many people in these last days as we await the coming of our Lord Jesus in the clouds!



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