“Wings & Wheels”

Banner3333333threehearts2In my last post, “Getting Inspired Artistically”, I laid out some materials for a mixed media idea.  I ended up being more on the minimalist side than I imagined, but that’s okay.  It leaves me lots of supplies for another art project 🙂

I stayed with the original color scheme I presented and here’s how it turned out.

Click on picture for a larger view

I like it on my wall….

I like the butterflies and the doily, because they are something concrete, but the abstract piece of orange and the random circles, are just well…  Random. 🙂   I am not an abstract artist or thinker at all, so I’m not sure why I went with this.  Still, I like the colors and it was fun.  It reminds me of Ezekiel’s vision in Ezekiel 1.  I think I’ll call it
“Wings & Wheels”.

Blinkin Squiggle

Happy SimplyLiving and a Blessed Day with Jesus!





Luke 9:57 on Canvas!



Well, I got inspired and again, took my advice and put my journal page on canvas.  A hard back 16 x 20 canvas!  It was so cool to paint on something so BIG!  I love it!  I love praising my Saviour through art!  The Cross is made out of paper that has Psalm 23 printed on it in gold, and although you can’t see it real well in this picture, it is beautiful to look at 🙂  You can find more details on this piece of art at Daily Art Journal.


Here’s a close up of the tag with Luke 9:57 –


Happy Simply Living with Jesus!