The #3 Way To Be Truly Thankful



Here is the #3 Way to be truly thankful this Thanksgiving.  I hope these are as beneficial to you as they have been to me over the years.  I’m so excited for Thanksgiving Day coming up this Thursday.  Between writing and studying my way through “November Thankfulness” and going back over these FIVE WAYS to be thankful, my heart feels definitely prepared to celebrate on Thanksgiving Day.


The Third Way to be Truly Thankful This Thanksgiving

Begin praying for and planning out your Thanksgiving Day, and preparing for Advent which begins on November 30th this year of 2014.

The third way to be truly thankful this Thanksgiving is by doing the “Three Ps”.  Pray, Plan, and Prepare ahead for your Thanksgiving meal and the celebration of Advent which takes place each Sunday after Thanksgiving until the week of Christmas.  By doing this ahead of time, you will feel better prepared for the coming celebrations.

The following is a list of dishes and items that are typically on our Thanksgiving table.  This list will vary, of course, for every household.  My list is simply to get you thinking early about a list of your own:

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, homemade braided bread, peas & carrots, pistachio pudding with marshmallows and pineapple (my kids call this the green stuff), whole black olives, cranberry sauce, and of course, pumpkin pie with whip cream.  Wow!  Just typing out that list, makes me truly thankful for Thanksgiving Day!

If there are any recipes you may need, including how to bake your turkey, I recommend  I love this site because it has videos for many of the recipes showing me exactly what to do.

In regards to preparing for Advent I recommend with Valerie, “The Advent Jesse Tree” written by Dean Meador Lambert, “Celebrating A Christ-Centered Christmas” by Sharon Jaynes, or my favorite Advent book of all time, “The Handel’s Messiah Family Advent Reader” by Donna W. Payne and Fran Lenzo.  This book was given to me in 2004 by a special friend and our family has used it every year since.

I personally use all of these resources to prepare for Advent in one way or another.

Blinkin Squiggle

I would love for you to send a list of your Thanksgiving Day dishes, or any traditions, books, or websites you may use to make it a very special day.  If you stop by, please remember to click on the blue “Follow SimplyLiving101” button in the right side-bar or leave a message below.  I’m so glad you came by.  I will be giving the #4 Way to be truly thankful this Thanksgiving tomorrow, so be sure to stop by again!  See you then 🙂