6 Fun Things We Do In Cannon Beach

As you probably know by now, our family loves to go to Cannon Beach. We’ve been going there on vacation and day trips for so long, it has become like home away from home. It is such a beautiful and quaint little town that I’m always kind of shocked when I meet people who have never been there.

It’s popular enough and close enough to our home that we often see friends and even family when we go. A few weeks ago when my husband and I went to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary, we saw some friends from our home area that we haven’t seen for a long time.  It was nice to catch up with them while standing in the Safeway in Lincoln City, just outside of Cannon Beach.  They had found an old Victorian style house with 6 bedrooms to rent for $150 per night.  This is not a bad rate at all.  They were loving it.

Blinkin Squiggle

We have several different things we like to do and I wanted to share 6 of them with you today, just in case you would ever like to vacation in Cannon Beach for yourselves.

1)  Walk on the beach – Nothing beats a walk on the beach in this beautiful location on the Pacific Ocean.  You can find sand dollars, starfish of amazing colors, and the birds are of all types and plentiful.


2) Talk with the locals – There are some wonderful people who live in Cannon Beach, and they always have interesting stories of how they came to live there and the different people from around the world they have met.

3) Whale watching – Actually, there are some great whale watching opportunities at a place south of Cannon Beach called “Devil’s Punch Bowl”.  The best time of the year to see the whales is from November through the winter.

4) Bruce’s Candy Kitchen – This is a must visit!  There is an old-style taffy pulling machine and amazing candies galore, including my favorite Dark Chocolate covered Sea Foam!!!  You have to try it:)

5) Osburn’s Ice Creamery – Another one of those must visit places!  We love the fun atmosphere and service in this little shop, and the ice cream is fabulous.


 Oh, and you have to pet the black lab on the way out.


6) Walk to the Rock – Hay Stack Rock that is.  If you go when the tide is way out, you can see the most beautiful colored starfish ever!

While we are in Cannon Beach, we typically stay at the Tolovana Inn and we like to go during off-season.  They have a special:  Stay three nights, pay for two, get one free.  We like the Tolovana Inn because it is right on the beach. The condo we stay in is spacious with a full kitchen, dining room, and living room, and is close to Hay Stack Rock.  It also has a salt water pool, hot tub, sauna, and workout room.

Blinkin Squiggle

Have you ever been to Cannon Beach?  Why do you like to go?  Do you have a favorite hang out, coffee shop, or pizza place?  I have so much more to share with you about our love for Cannon Beach and all the glory of God that we see when we are there.  Until then, I hope you take time to share some of your favorite places to visit on this beautiful Earth God has made.  Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Beachcombing!