Eggs and Art?

Around our homestead chicken eggs and art go hand in hand, but I try not to mix the two 🙂  I’ve been working hard on a couple new art projects – the second of the three projects I mentioned in my “Getting Inspired Artistically” post is the heart and oval pendants.  They are made with a deep metal pendant, a piece of teal or brown leather, some fabric glue, a leather stamp and a complimentary colored pen to do some highlights.


But as I looked out the window from my art desk, I saw the sun peaking through the big fluffy white clouds and from the front porch I saw the yard is greening back up with the rain we’ve been having of late, and I just had to go out and play!


The first thing I noticed was my Hon- cleaning out the gutters and getting ready for the heavy rains we typically have during fall, winter and spring.  He looks happy to do his “Honey Do This, Honey Do That” list (that’s what my Grandpa Millican use to call it 🙂 – I hope he doesn’t mess up the patio I swept and re-arranged this morning.  But I’m not going to complain – I’ll just sweep again, if I have to.


Then I headed down to the pasture to see how the chickens were enjoying this beautiful sunny, but not too hot day.


This new flock of chickens we purchased in May are now busy laying eggs – and lots of them!


They are so fun to gather from the hen house every morning, and again a few times through the day.  The nine girls are being quite obedient in putting them into the nesting boxes inside the coop.  If you are living in my area and would like some eggs, I sell them for a reasonable price – just let me know.  They are freshly picked every day, organic and free-range.  The best eggs ever!

My husband is glad to see that he didn’t waste any time by building the boxes.  I like to keep some nice clean hay inside each box to encourage them to “Come on in and lay an egg!” It seems to be working…

Inside the coop, I can see all is well…


Oh look, one more egg !  That makes 6 that I’ve collected so far today!  You go girls!


They are still so small and adorable!  And they are all different colors since I have an “Easter Egger” hen in their midst.  Her name is Egger Allen Poe, but my kids call her Lois.  I’m not sure why…


After checking out the chicks, I stopped by to see how Mopsy is doing.  I found her in her run, sitting on her throne in the sun – what a cutie pie!


Well, I have to buzz out and run some errands.  Hope you all have a blessed Day – take some time and enjoy the sunshine! 🙂

Happy SimplyLiving!