The End of Autumn



What a beautiful autumn 2014 has shown us.  The trees boasted an array of colors this year and we had the best time driving through the Olympic mountains and just taking in some truly breath-taking scenes over open fields and lakes, and of course the Puget Sound and Pacific Ocean beaches.

Here on my own homestead the maples were as gorgeous as ever and the reds, oranges, and yellows seemed to be even deeper and brighter than I remember them being last year.

Blinkin Squiggle


Now, the rains and winds, and even the freezing cold temperatures have settled in and the last of the maple leaves have fallen to the ground. No more dancing around in the swirling breezes.  They are wet and stuck to everything.


The other morning our dog’s water dish was frozen with beautiful red maple leaves brilliantly embedded within as if an ice sculptor had come during the night and left us with a masterpiece.  Cooper our Australian Shepherd was wondering what to do about the situation…


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I love this time of year when the cold sends me inside with candles aglow and fuzzy warm socks on my feet, heavy sweaters, the fire burning, nice warm Chamomile tea or sometimes even a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows. This is when my artistic mind really kicks in and I start decorating for Thanksgiving, preparing to make my Christmas cards to celebrate Christ’s birth, and thinking about starting Advent with “The Handel’s Messiah Family Advent Reader”.  It’s the time we spend celebrating the King of king’s birth and looking forward to Him coming again, all at the same time.  Wonderful!

I hope this time of year has wonderful memories of family and friends and fragrant smells of candles and dinners for you.  May Jesus bless you richly with His love and presence.

Please take time to comment below with a special Thanksgiving dish recipe or just say Hi. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy November 2014!


Truly Thankful!



Here I am sick with what started as a head cold that has now traveled down to my throat and my chest – so I’m coughing away, ugh!  I praise God once again for hot Chamomile tea and wonderful raw organic honey from a local beekeeper.

But as I look out my window on this amazing October day, all my woes seem to disappear. My Hon- is playing beautiful music on the piano and my eyes are quickly mesmerized by the golden strands of decorative wheat and the sight of my beautiful maple tree in all its brilliant autumn colors.

Blinkin Squiggle


It is so quietly nestled among the other maples with a glorious two acres of bright green, rolling grass and the towering hedge of protective evergreens round about.  They are all so green due to the wonderful rains that have recently begun.  It’s this beautiful sight that makes the Pacific Northwest a desired place to live.  I love it when God waters our land for us – it doesn’t cost a penny.  It reminds me of the verse that says,

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“…It is done.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.
I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost.”
                                                                                                                                         Revelation 21:6

I’m so excited to show you my new creation!  As autumn has crept up on us – and God has been slowly changing the colors of the leaves to brilliant golds, burnt oranges, and beautiful, deep, dark reds…  He has also been doing a little brilliant work through my fingertips!


I have never written a quote of my own before, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Do you like it? It makes me laugh.  My oldest daughter said it was “sketch” – still, I’m kind of proud. 🙂 If you like it and you want to share my quote, I don’t mind – just be sure to put “Constance of Olalla” under it 🙂  Thank you!


You can check out my newest creation of Bible studies provided free for you in the right side bar —–>.  If you have been looking for a Bible study, my  “November Thankfulness” just might be the perfect study for you! Leave me a comment below and tell me in ever-so-gentle words what you think 🙂

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Check in often to see what I have added to my studies as I paint and write my way through the autumn months and into winter time.  Who knows “November Thankfulness” just may be the key to help you be Truly Thankful in the month of November – Enjoy!

Happy Autumn!



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