September Devotion, Day 11

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Put Your Toe In!

“… and when those who carried the ark came into the Jordan, and the feet of the priests carrying the ark were dipped in the edge of the water… the waters which were flowing down from above stood and rose up in one heap, a great distance away…”
Joshua 3:15-16

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In February of 1995 I was pregnant with our second child.  God had been drawing me to His Son for quite some time, but this time, the calling was so strong I could not deny Him any longer, I had to find a church.

I drove around looking for a church that my Dad had told me was on 72nd in Tacoma.  It should have been easy enough to find, not far from our home at that time, but I turned right instead of left on 72nd and got lost.  Then, as I was trying to find signs to the highway to go home, there it was… a church!  I walked in and was greeted by an usher who introduced himself and took me to the front of the sanctuary.

I heard the message and listened intently to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When the invitation was given, I went forward to give my life to Jesus.  I was met by an altar worker and I shared that I wanted to be the wife and mom God had created me to be and I needed to repent of my sins and surrender my life to Him.

Two weeks later I miscarried our precious baby.  I didn’t know the Bible, and I barely knew God.  No one from the church knew me, but they came to our home since I had filled out a visitor’s card.  I stayed in my room upstairs to recover for three days; I didn’t talk with anyone other than family.

It was a hard time, but during those three days alone with God, He laid this question on my heart, “Am I still God?”  I took my time in answering – I wanted to be sure of what I believed, but my emotions were strong like a flood, and overwhelming.

In the Book of Joshua 3:15-16, the Jordan river was at flood stage. God was going to part the waters for them to cross over into the promised land as He had done for their fathers when they came out of Egypt, but the priests had to put their toes in the water first.

Before putting their toes in, however, I wonder if they had to answer a question within their hearts too; “Was He still God?” I imagine that flood water of the Jordan felt strong and overwhelming, but they did it – and so did He!


Before I left my room to move on as a changed person in so many ways, I answered that question.  I chose by faith to believe that He was God, that He is God, and that He will always be God.  I had a hope that He was who He said He was, and it would be alright.

Inspired to Cherish
Hebrews 11 is known as “The Faith Chapter”, and rightfully so. Let’s take time to read the entire chapter.

Now let’s write out a few of the verses from this chapter in our personal journal. Since we are writing the very words of God, let’s really slow down and think about what we are writing and of course, write in our very best writing.  Let’s write verses 1-3, 6, 13-16 and 39-40.

As humans, we want to see a miracle before we will put our faith in the One who created us.  But if we will stop and take a good look at ourselves in the mirror, we will see one of His most amazing miracles of all.  The flood is strong and overwhelming all around us, it’s time to put our toes in the water, by faith.

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I have been writing these devotions the night before, so that I can wake up and do them along with you and I am praying daily that September Devotion is as much of a blessing to you as it has been to me.  Please continue to join me and leave a comment if you feel led to.  I love to hear from you 🙂

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Happy SimplyLiving!

Birds For A Friend



When a friend asks you to paint her a picture, well… There just aren’t enough words to say how that feels!

Here’s my latest thoughts on canvas…  Made at the commission of a sweet friend, whom I love dearly.

I can see her when I look at it, all bubbly and happy as the wonderful, Godly Mom she is…  Matthew 10:31 says, “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

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Blessings for a cooler day at only 81 degrees instead of in the 90’s – Not complaining, not complaining! 🙂


The Joy of Writing



So on October 9, 2014, I got an idea for a book.  Well, kind of – it’s not really just a book, but many Bible studies; As a matter of fact, one for each month of the year.

I was so excited when the thought came to me that I jotted down a whole bunch of ideas for what they would look like, and different title ideas for each of the months, as well as the layout; etc.  I even drew some illustrations for the first one, which would be for the month of November and watercolor painted them right then and there.

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Honestly, I was very surprised how it all just seemed to pour right out of me.  But then again, I thought it might just be another one of those great ideas I get ever-so-often that goes into my journal, but nowhere else. 🙂

Not so this time!  Tomorrow will be November 16 and guess what?  Yep!  I have completed 16 whole days of this Bible study that I have titled “November Thankfulness”!  Seriously, I am writing and illustrating a book!  My very first book!  I am praising God for His miracles!

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You may be thinking, sheesh!  What’s the big deal?  But it is a very big deal, because not only am I writing this book, but I am doing the study as I go and I am seeing again the amazingness of God’s Holy Word and becoming thankful yet again for His amazing Grace, multiple Blessings, and His Redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ!

I am seeing again the hugeness of studying (in a copious amount daily) all that He has done for us.  If you are in need of a Bible study and would like to study “November Thankfulness”, it’s free right here on this blog, written with you in mind and free for you in the right side bar —–>

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Leave a comment.  I would absolutely love to hear from you.  Have you written a book? Did you enjoy the process?  Did it come easily or was it a struggle?  Have you had an idea for a book, but have hidden it away in a journal?  Why not take it out and write it!

Happy Bible studying!