Faces on Sticks?


I am taking an on-line course called “Nature’s Canvas” by Tania Bain on the Jeanne Oliver Design Creative Network and I am loving it so much, I just had to tell you!  I went for a drive along the Puget Sound beach with my two youngest kids today, and collected some drift wood.


Here’s where the fun begins.  But before I can begin this fun, that I haven’t told you about yet, I have to do some face painting practice…

This is my first face and I’m so glad I put her in my SimplyLiving Art Journal because I think she turned out so cool!


Now I just have to get her on one of my pieces of wood.  If all goes well, I will show you that tomorrow – Hopefully! 🙂

Blinkin Squiggle

Happy SimplyLiving!

3 thoughts on “Faces on Sticks?

  1. I’m so excited you’re taking this course – how fun to have some of these painted sticks around your home! Your face is lovely, did you use watercolour crayons for her hair? I’m excited to see her on your stick. How lovely to be able to collect along the seashore. I’m interested to see and hear how hard it is to reduce the scale….
    And I absolutely LOVE your boat and scripture – wonderful! It would make a beautiful picture to hang up 🙂


    1. Hi Victoria, I sketched her out with charcoal and white Gesso, then added color with watercolor pencils, oil pastels, and watercolor markers. I think she turned out really cool and I’m now learning how to put her on a piece of driftwood, but since I got my wood on the beach, I’m waiting for it to dry out a bit 🙂

      It will be interesting to draw her smaller…



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