It Sure Is Chili On This Hot Day!


I am on a roll and I’m not about to stop now!  I finished up all the canning of my Chicken/Vegetable soup last night – 33 jars!  Then I put them in the canning cupboard and cleared some room for my chili!

Canning with Constance of

I have been making batches of chili all afternoon and the kids have been me helping out.

My youngest daughter added the beans…

Canning with Constance of

and did the stirring.

Canning with Constance of

My oldest daughter did some tasting and adding of herbs and hot spices.

Canning with Constance of

And my youngest son did some tasting as well.

Canning with Constance of

And once it was approved, with hamburger, onions, tomatoes, beans, herbs and hot spices, we let it cook for a while longer.  While I waited I washed the jars and lids.

Canning with Constance of

Now I’m putting the first batch in the jars, while making the second batch and into the pressure cooker they go! MMMMM! 🙂

Canning with Constance of

Blinkin Squiggle

Well that’s enough canning for me this year!  How fun – I love doing it the homestead way when we can.  It smells good and I can’t wait till I hear, “Mom can you make some soup?” and I can say, “Get it yourself!!!” With a smile of course :0

UPDATE:  I just finished all my chili canning! 28 jars of homemade chili –  Old Mrs. Hubbard’s cupboards are no longer empty! 🙂


Happy SimplyLiving!



4 thoughts on “It Sure Is Chili On This Hot Day!

  1. Hi Connie, please let me know if you are receiving my messages. This is the second I have sent. Just wanted to say you sure have been working hard with your canning. The chili sounds great! Maybe you will share some with us when we come to Olalla next month. Sounds yummy!


  2. Your soups and chilli sound and look delicious – it must be great to have all these ‘ready meals’ at hand for the autumn and winter! I’ve only before seen people canning jam, vegetables etc. and I’d never thought of canning whole meals like this. I’d naturally look to the freezer to do that…but canning looks much more efficient – it’s easier to find empty shelves than freezer space!


    • Actually, I didn’t even think of that myself. It is so much easier to find cupboard space than freezer space. I could even can meatballs and spaghetti sauce… Now you’ve got me thinking 🙂 Too bad tacos won’t work, Ha!



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