“Every Living Thing”

Banner3333333threehearts2It has been hot here in the Pacific Northwest, much hotter than usual, and when it started raining over this past weekend, and even cut off our electricity a couple times due to the storms, I didn’t mind at all.

However, last night I was kind of chilly and thinking it’s a little too cold.  Not to complain or anything. 🙂  But today, the sun is back and I’m glad!

I am going to have lunch with a friend and her little baby, and then I’m going to come back home and sit in the sun and enjoy a book.  I have been reading “Every Living Thing” by James Herriot.  He also wrote “All Things Wise and Wonderful” which I have read a couple of times.  His books make me laugh out loud! :0

View for Two
Looking out toward my chickens, you can see The Queen of England, my white Plymouth Rock hen, just above the purple flowers… and Egger Allen Poe, my brown Easter Egger hen, just to her right.

Blinkin SquiggleSo what are you up to?  Have you been reading any good books lately?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I would love to hear from you 🙂

Blessings for a Beautiful Sunny, but not too hot, Day!

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