Cannon Beach in August

Banner3333333threehearts2Well, our annual family vacation to Cannon Beach was a wonderful retreat and much needed.  We had fun doing some things we haven’t tried before and we had the pleasure of witnessing a wedding right out front of our condo on the beach.

The sunsets were amazing and as usual the Pacific Ocean was beautiful!  I took lots of pictures to share with you 🙂  Our first night started off with Matthew and I picking up Fultano’s Pizza for dinner – MMMMMM Good!IMG_4398  Matthew and I did some window shopping while waiting for dinner…

IMG_4444  And we were not even prepared for the glorious sunset that first night!




IMG_4465  WOW!  The sunsets were like that every night – dramatic and beautiful.

IMG_4469  We took walks together and alone with God.

IMG_4557  The waves and the sand looked like sprinkled gold while we watched “The Preacher” that married the happy couple, feed the seagulls in the air.


IMG_4562We watched the seagulls fly…IMG_4574   and those big, cool birds flowing so gracefully with the waves…


IMG_4578  Everyone played and enjoyed the warmth of the sun late into the evenings…

IMG_4580  Matthew, Naomi and I tried out the fun bikes – and yes, they are fun!  But lots of work too 🙂



IMG_4674The sky was beautiful during the day and glowed with the oranges of the sunset  and finally the moon in the night.
It was as perfect as Cannon Beach always is.

IMG_4675  I found myself looking into the sky often, thinking that those would be the perfect clouds to rise up and meet Jesus on…

Blinkin Squiggle

Happy SimplyLiving!


One thought on “Cannon Beach in August

  1. It’s lovely to share in these pictures, it feels like a soul retreat even from behind a screen! Those beautiful sunsets remind me of your painting from Genesis (which I love!). Some of your first posts that I read were from Cannon Beach last year I think – time goes by so quickly!


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