March Travels


threehearts2Last Thursday my Hon- and I packed up and headed for Cannon Beach again.  To get there this time, we headed toward Canada.  We do know that Cannon Beach is south of us, but sometimes it’s much funner to get there taking the long way.  We wanted to go over Stevens Pass so we headed toward Bellevue then through the cute little town of Monroe along the Snohomish River…

Snohomish River

Where some parts of the river run fast and some parts are standing mirror still.


We followed the river into the mountains. The sky was beautiful and all of God’s creation was praising Him with us along the way.


Up on Stevens Pass, there was more snow than we thought there would be and the icicles were huge and hanging and dripping in the sunshine on the side of the cliffs. There were lots of people skiing and having a blast.


From here we passed through Leavenworth, headed toward Wenatchee and then over Blewett Pass down into Ellensburg.  As we traveled over the mountain range dividing the Pacific Northwest from Eastern Washington we noticed quickly that the tall, thick evergreen trees soon become very sparse…


and quickly gave way to an enormous clearing that lasted the rest of our drive through the eastern part of Washington.  After a quick stop, we were off again down the old highway, Canyon River Road heading toward Yakima.  I traveled this road from Moses Lake with my family almost every weekend as a child to visit our family in Yakima.  The old highway hasn’t seemed to change much. It’s still that beautiful bare land of rolling hills and tumble weeds, where the wild horses roam and the Yakima River flows through.  Now we are heading the right direction – due south.

Old Yakima Highway

We were amazed at the amount of horses that we saw grazing and enjoying the sunshine.  We often wonder if they belong to someone – but who?  There is nothing for hundreds of miles.  Some of the horses were grazing right on the edge of cliffs!  I need to ask for a longer lens for my birthday next year, so I can get some up close shots of the horses so far away on those hills 🙂

From there we traveled over Status Pass we came down to the Columbia River Gorge that runs between Washington and Oregon and started heading west toward the ocean and the setting sun. There stood beautiful Mount Hood in full view and slowly the tall evergreens began to reappear and we felt like we were home again in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest.


And the sun went down on the Columbia River Gorge…


and then it was too dark to take pictures for the rest of the trip, but when we pulled into Cannon Beach 12 hours and approximately 550 miles after we left our home, and got settled into our room, we looked out onto the Pacific Ocean and took a deep breath and praised the Lord with our whole being!  Our God is amazing and He is worthy to be praised!  Hallelujah!

After sleeping soundly to the beating and thundering of the ocean waves on the beach, we woke up at 5:30 the next morning to the moon setting on the beach right outside our window.


Our view didn’t look out toward Haystack Rock this time, it was of the opposite direction, but there are beautiful rocks to look at there too.  I call them Haystack Rock #2, and if you squint your eyes and look really hard into the foggy background, you may be able to see what might be Haystack Rock #3.


As the day rolled on, it seemed as if it had not changed from when we were visiting in November.  The sun was gloriously shining on all the people walking, swimming, sunbathing, beach biking, and flying kites on the beach.  It was almost 70 degrees just like it was in November!  Crazy weather here in the Pacific Northwest, but we are not about to complain at all!!  We really don’t mind having weather in the high 60s in November and early March. Really…


I loved this bright pink kite…


The sunsets were amazing at Cannon Beach and it was peaceful, full of life, and full of praise for the Creator of the Universe!


On Sunday we packed our bags and headed back home – but not the way we came.  I’ll have to show you pictures of our trip home on another time.  Until then…

Blessings and Happy SimplyLiving!


5 thoughts on “March Travels

    1. Thank you for stopping by Kathy Darling! 🙂 I love our travels and getting to share them with you makes it even better. I’d like to see pictures of your travels – Hint, Hint 🙂


  1. These pictures are just AMAZING! What huge, big spaces. What scale! Just amazing – I cannot imagine how it must feel to see them in real life. You are a great photographer! Your tenth picture I think is my favourite, but I will have to visit again tomorrow to enjoy them all again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Victoria!

      I’m sure traveling in England would bring loads and loads of amazing pictures as well and I would love to do that some day! My “great” photography has to give way to a really good camera and the amazing creation of God! Looking forward to your visit again tomorrow! 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

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