God’s Battle Plan for the Mind by David W. Saxton – Book Review



I like “God’s Battle Plan for the Mind” because the author talks straight forward about the shallowness of current day Christianity, giving clear warning of being like the Gnostics who had much Biblical knowledge, but lived how ever they pleased.

He believes Biblical meditation is the missing key to having a truly joyful and Godly life with Jesus Christ and desires to convince God’s people of this truth.

It is based on the Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation, and is solidly grounded in the teaching of the Word of God.  It is amazingly packed with centuries of Puritan teaching on how to apply Biblical meditation to every day life.

The layout for each chapter delivery is perfect.  As I began to read, I was immediately encouraged and given the importance of considering Biblical meditation in my daily consumption of God’s Word.  From there I was warned of the many, yet very real and false understandings or beliefs of meditation.

Re-defining meditation from a Biblical perspective was a very important chapter and then came the discussion of different forms of Biblical meditation.  As I continued to read I began understanding how important making meditation a real life-long practice is, but it didn’t just leave me there to figure out the application on my own.

Another chapter helped me to decide what to meditate upon and then discussed Reasons for Meditation, Benefits of Meditation, and of course the Enemies of Meditation.

Although my least favorite chapter to read was Unbiblical Forms of Meditation, I still found this chapter to be extremely educational and gave me what I needed to address any of these practices that may come up in conversation with fellow believers which is sadly common today.

Although each chapter kept me reading to discover more, my favorite chapter is the Getting Started chapter which must be read only after the preparation given in the chapters prior.

I highly recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars!

Written by Constance of SimplyLiving101.wordpress.com


Blinkin Squiggle

A copy of this book was provided for me by the publisher in exchange for a fair review.

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