Job, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus – Oh My!

Banner3333333threehearts2As most of you know (and maybe some of you have even joined me), I have been reading through the Bible in four months, chronologically.  I started on January 1, with Keith Ferrin and his group on Facebook called BRT2015 and wanted to catch you up on how that has been going.

I have read Job, Genesis, Exodus and I finished up Leviticus last night and read Numbers 1-7 this morning!  I know that sounds like a lot of reading. and it is, but daily God’s Word has been holding me like an anchor and there have been many things that have stood out to me, even though this is my 8th time of reading the Bible completely through.  Some things that stood out to me last night and this morning were:

Lev 26:44 – The faithfulness of God to NEVER reject or destroy or break His covenant with Israel is so comforting to me as one who has been grafted in! I’m so thankful that we are all brought to God through faith in Jesus Christ, even His original chosen ones – Romans 11

Num 2:3 – the camp of Judah camped on the east side toward the sunrise. The tribe Jesus came from 🙂

Num 3:12, 41, 45 all say that the Levites replaced the firstborn of Israel and not only the men, but also the cattle of the Levites replaced the firstborn cattle of Israel. I can’t help but feel that if God says this three times, there must be more to study here – is it due to their sin???

Num 5 – strikes the fear of God in me once again! Adultery!! But the thing that really stood out is that the husband may just become jealous even if the wife is innocent – it’s not as if he is being told by God that she is being unfaithful, it’s just up to how he may feel…

Num 6:2 says, “Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘When a man or woman makes a special vow, the vow of a Nazirite, to dedicate himself to the LORD,…” How have I missed this? I never knew a woman could take the vow of a Nazirite, or is this referring to a mother who is giving her young son to become a Nazirite? As it goes on to give the description, it does not seem to be speaking to a woman???


You might be wondering how reading through the Bible in four months is considered SimplyLiving, but it’s not about the struggle or challenge of it.  It’s about what happens when we spend a copious amount of time in the Word of God on a daily basis.  The Word of God searches us and corrects us.  It cleanses us and equips us for a good work that God wants us to do.

Commitment to doing the difficult thing brings about simplicity of life because it makes us right with God if we are willing to obey Him.  It doesn’t take away the hard times, but it equips us to deal with the hard times with a hope and a peace that can only come from knowing God and His Son Jesus Christ.

Blinkin Squiggle

I would love to hear how you are doing with your daily time in God’s Word.  Do you need a good challenge?  It’s not too late to join BRT2015.  You can do that by clicking HERE.

If you are looking for a new Bible study for 2015, you should watch this video:  Relational Bible Study with Keith Ferrin.

You can register here:  If you are interested in this study, you MUST register by Sunday, January 18, 2015.

Happy SimplyLiving!


2 thoughts on “Job, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus – Oh My!

  1. Reading through the entire Bible in four months sounds pretty awesome. I’ve always been an advocate for reading larger chunks of Scripture at a time when you have a chance. I’m listening through the Bible this year and so far I’m really liking it.

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    1. Hi Caleb. Sometimes when I’m cleaning I put on my audio Bible as well and just listen. Before I know it, I’ve been listening to two or three books! is one of my favorite resources for great audio book downloads. Once a month they have a free download. 🙂 Blessings,



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