The Ostrich


threehearts2The ostriches’ wings flap joyously

With the pinion and plumage of love,

For she abandons her eggs to the earth

And warms them in the dust,

And she forgets that a foot may crush them,

Or that a wild beast may trample them.

She treats her young cruelly, as if they were not hers;

Though her labor be in vain, she in unconcerned;

Because God has made her forget wisdom,

And has not given her a share of understanding.

When she lifts herself on high,

She laughs at the horse and his rider.”

Job 39:13-18

I am really enjoying reading through the Bible chronologically!  I have seen things already that I have not seen in all my times of reading through Genesis and Job, and I certainly would not have thought of reading the two together as we have during this Bible Read Thru 2015.  By the way, it’s not too late to join BRT2015 with Keith Ferrin – check it out HERE.

As I came to the end of Job yesterday, the above verses popped out.  I have never witnessed an ostrich at work with her young, but it sounds like she does not make a good mom!  I have always had bunnies around for our kids to have as pets and even the bunny moms we have had over the years have been better caregivers for their young than the ostrich described in Job.  Why is the ostrich this way?  The verses above say, “Because God has made her forget wisdom, and has not given her a share of understanding.”


I’m so glad God has given us a better example of a mother than the ostrich.  I’m so thankful for the wisdom that is ours as we pray and ask God for His perfect guidance in raising our four wonderful kids!

As I read through the first few chapters of Genesis, I was reminded once again of what a wonderful, faithful, and loving Father we have – even in the face of war!  He is not afraid to protect His own.

As I wrote in my Bible study, “December Love” (which you can find for free just for you in the right side bar ——->), “The Creator of the universe did not hesitate when an attack was made on His children – He did not just walk away defeated and let us go to our destruction with the enemy of our souls!  No!  He declared war against our archenemy immediately and then made a promise for us to hold on to while the battle raged!  I wonder, do we think of this Righteous example that God has given us in regards to our own family?  Do we declare war when the enemy makes a move within our family structure, within the lives of our children, or upon our spouse?  Do we drop to our knees on their behalf, or do we crumble in defeat?  Do we cling to the promises of God and cast a vision of Hope when those we love most are struggling around us?”

Blinkin Squiggle

Here’s to all the parents out there!  Don’t grow weary of doing good and seeking God for the wisdom you need and the wisdom He freely gives!  Remember God’s example and press on!  Our children desperately need and deserve our prayers and love!

Thank you so much for stopping by SimplyLiving101 today!  I’m so glad you are here.  I hope you pull up a chair with a cup of coffee or tea and join me as I search the Scriptures and serve them to you in small bites that we can digest and live on through our day.  God’s Word is truly amazing!  Leave a comment and give me your thoughts.

Happy SimplyLiving in 2015!


4 thoughts on “The Ostrich

  1. Job is full of amazing things that we rarely think about because it’s not one of the “popular” books of the Bible. I was reading that passage about the Ostrich and thinking about my parenting skills, sometimes I think the TV or the computer is like sand for many parents. They just leave their kids in the TV/computer and then go off and do their own thing. It’s easy to do but it’s also dangerous.

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  2. Hi Caleb,

    Job is an amazing Book with so much parental insight. Every time I read it, a new parenting skill comes forth. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! Blessings to you and your family in the Ukraine – may our Lord keep you safe as you share His Gospel! 🙂


  3. Hi Constance, It’s amazing the new things we notice each time we read the Bible – if you’d asked me whether the ostrich was mentioned in scripture I certainly would not have known that it was! I was just thinking about Job last night, as I was thinking about the baptism of Jesus and then his time in the wilderness. I wondered whether Jesus thought about Job during this time; I wondered whether this was a moment where God said to Satan something along the lines of ‘here you are, you have 40 days to tempt Jesus’ in the same way he did about Job? I was struck by this as I thought about the baptism and imagined the angels surrounding that scene, which then led me on to wondering about their absence in the wilderness (perhaps?) before at the end of the 40 days they then returned to minister to Jesus.

    All just ponderings. I am never sure how much of these types of wonderings to share – I’m really conscious they are not from the gospels but my own imagination….it’s great to be getting back on line after the holidays and you are one of my first stops!

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    1. Hello to you Victoria! I was so blessed to see that you stopped by SimplyLiving101 this morning, probably long before I walked the floors of my house! I love that you have taken the time to share your musings and thoughts on God’s Word. I truly believe that our meditation of God’s Word can only find pleasure with Him. He longs for us to hunger and thirst and read and ponder after His Word, after His Son Jesus Christ. Your thoughts are beautiful and cherished here, a pearl from a heart that truly loves our Lord. Blessings for a wonderful new day!


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