“Life On The Highest Plane”

Banner3333333threehearts2I am starting the New Year of 2015 reading the best book ever written and I was thinking that you might like to read it along with me (and several other people)…  The book, of course, is the Bible 🙂  If you are interested in joining many, many people in the reading of God’s Word, check out Keith Ferrin’s Bible Read Thru 2015, sign up and join me in starting out the New Year right by reading a copious amount of God’s Word on a daily basis!

The other thought I had was that you may like to read a book that I personally love to read with others.  The book is called “Life On The Highest Plane” by Ruth Paxson and it was written in the 1920’s.  This is how we do it:

This book re-through is no longer available at this time. 🙂


Blinkin Squiggle

Thank you again for stopping by SimplyLiving101!  I love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below to just say “Hi” or to ask any questions you may have about my thoughts above.

Happy SimplyLiving in the New Year of 2015!


2 thoughts on ““Life On The Highest Plane”

  1. So happy to see you back.. I am going to pick my ‘Life on the Highest Plane’ back up and start it again on the first. I  may not get my thoughts to you but I do love the book so may jot a note once in awhile. Coffee soon I hope.. love you-  Kath’

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    1. Hi Kathy Darling, That sounds wonderful! I know we’ll have great fun reading it together – if you know of anyone else who would like to join us, send them over. I’m going to make a page in the menu of SimplyLiving101 that will have my chapter thoughts and prayers for “LOTHP” and you can just read them as you finish a chapter. 🙂 It will leave a review of the book on SimplyLiving101 for all to see. Your notes can come directly to my email for just me, if you’d like – or you can type them in a comment at the bottom of my notes on the blog page here. Let me know which works for you. Love you!



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