The #5 Way To Be Truly Thankful



Well, here it is, the #5 way to be truly thankful this Thanksgiving!  I can’t believe that in just a couple of days, it will be Thanksgiving Day!  Have you gotten your turkey yet?  Do you have turkey or do you have chicken like our neighbors up the road?  I love everything about Thanksgiving Day and I have so much planned!  If I could add anything, it would be only one thing, and that would be that our oldest son could be home with us.  But, he will be spending Thanksgiving Day with some friends that live closer to his college in Georgia and he’ll be home for Christmas break.  I am truly thankful for the family who invited him to their home!  I pray blessings for each one of them and the heart of Jesus they have shown toward my wonderful son.


The Fifth Way to be Truly Thankful This Thanksgiving

Begin praying specifically for those who will be around the table at Thanksgiving and pray for God to show you someone that your family may invite to join you.

The fifth way to be truly thankful this Thanksgiving is to seek God’s provision and safekeeping for those who will be at your Thanksgiving dinner.  Many times our guests are traveling long distances to attend the Thanksgiving Day meal.  As you pray on their behalf, ask God to prepare their hearts to be truly thankful this Thanksgiving.  Ask Him to keep each one of them safe as they travel to and from your home.

In addition, ask God to reveal a family or an individual person who may need a place to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Some of our most memorable Thanksgiving Days have been the ones we have shared with another family or someone from church.

Blinkin Squiggle

Are you having others besides your own family join you for Thanksgiving Day?  I have heard some families say they are having up to 30 people in their home for Thanksgiving!  That is wild and crazy, but I bet it’s so much fun!  I can still remember the Thanksgiving Day celebration at my Great Granny Smith’s house in Yakima when I was very young.  As a special memory of those wonderful days, I take Granny Smith’s beautiful china out for our Thanksgiving Day dinner.  I can still hear the voices around the table, loving one another and truly thankful to be together.

Well, I know I told you that there were only FIVE WAYS to share with  you, but I have a surprise that I hope you will enjoy for Thanksgiving Eve – it’s a BONUS WAY to be truly thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.  I’ll post it early tomorrow morning in case you might want to put it into action.  I hope you’ll stop by to check it out.  Remember to leave a comment below so I know you’ve visited.  Remember to check out “November Thankfulness” while you are here.  You can find it for free just for you in the right side bar ——–>

Happy Thanksgiving!


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