Bonus Way To Be Truly Thankful



One last Bonus Way to be Truly Thankful This Thanksgiving

Volunteer to deliver Thanksgiving meals to people in need within your community.

For several years, my children and I volunteered at a large church that delivered paper bags full of the items needed for a Thanksgiving dinner to needy inner-city families.  Many people were concerned that as a mom with young children, I should not do this alone.  However, I was never met by anyone who would harm me or my children.  Quite opposite!  I was met by some of the most truly grateful and thankful people I have ever known.  To deliver a meal and have a chance to pray for each of these precious families has given me enough thankfulness to last an entire lifetime.

Blinkin Squiggle

The Five Ways & A Bonus Re-Cap:

  • Early morning with God and His Word
  • Daily thankfulness list
  • Pray, Plan & Prepare for the Thanksgiving meal and Advent
  • Simple decorating
  • Pray for your guests
  • Volunteer to deliver Thanksgiving meals

Thank you so much for coming to visit, please leave a comment!  I would love to hear from you.

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2014!


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