The #1 Most Important Part of My Day


I have started writing my new free gift for December Followers which will be available on December 1, and over the next five days, I want to share with you what many November Followers have already received.   The following are FIVE WAYS that help me not only prepare for Thanksgiving day, but ultimately end up being things that I use daily to keep a SimpleLiving lifestyle.

I am so grateful and truly thankful that you are taking time to visit my blog.  I love writing about my life and sharing with each of you how I personally take time each day to nurture my relationship with God in this very specific way.  It has become the #1 most important part of my day.


The First Way to be Truly Thankful This Thanksgiving

I believe the only real way we can be truly thankful is by acknowledging that we have a Creator who loves us.  In the Holy Bible, God declares Himself to be the Creator of the universe and the Creator of all mankind.

I have shared with you my testimony of when and how I gave my life to Jesus Christ on my “About” page.  It was then, almost twenty years ago, that God began to teach me to rest in Jesus, and to simply come before His throne daily and commune with Him in a very intimate way.  It is in this time of communion that I have received great peace and have become truly thankful for all He has done for me.

I would say that the first way that has helped me to be truly thankful at Thanksgiving and every day, is the time I take early in the morning to commune with God through His Word before I get going on anything else.  I have made it a priority in the early hours to spend time in the Bible and in prayer.

Before I go to sleep I whisper a prayer to God, and ask Him to wake me early in the morning to spend time with Him.

Blinkin Squiggle

When I wake up, I do not hesitate lest I fall back to sleep, to get out of bed and grab my Bible and my journal, as well as my reading glasses and my pen.  You may decide to keep these in a special place where you will pray.  However, I think the act of having to find them on my end table in the dark, quietly (in order to not wake my husband), really helps me to become more awake and alert.

I spend my time in the living room where I can whisper in communion with God, and not wake anyone.

Opening my Bible to the Psalms, I choose a portion of scripture to write in my journal.  Sometimes I write out an entire Psalm (even Psalm 119!).  Feel free to select any scripture you want.

In my very best writing, I write out the portion of scripture I have found.  The act of writing has been proven to use all of the senses.  This is very important as it helps me to cherish God’s Word and give it first place in my life.

I am now ready to spend time in prayer for my family and myself regarding what God has promised in His Word and how my family is called to live in response to His promises.  I then choose to believe His Word and praise Him for His faithfulness and here I remain until I have God’s peace.  Depending on how early it is, I may go back to bed.

Blinkin Squiggle

Do you have a special time or place that you meet with God and bask in His presence each day?  Maybe you would like to take time to share it with others who visit this blog.  I know I would love to hear from you and if you leave a comment below I will be sure to read it. Thank you so much for your visit.  Tomorrow I will be sharing the Second of “Five Ways to be Truly Thankful This Thanksgiving”.  I hope you will join me again.

Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “The #1 Most Important Part of My Day

    1. It’s strange to say Victoria, but I actually get better sleep in the couple hours after spending time with God, then I do during the many hours I slept before waking up to pray. 🙂 Thank you for your comment – I love sharing with you.


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