Cannon Beach Between The Toes!

Early Sunday morning:



Listen to Josh Garrels – “Little Blue”


Blinkin Squiggle

So, I got up real early on Sunday morning and made a lovely and easy casserole dish for the kids; one they could surely survive on for a few days…

My Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Dish
My Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Dish

Blinkin Squiggle

Recipe for:

My Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Dish

I actually made up this recipe!  If you know me and my serious lack of good cooking skills, you know how much of a miracle this really is.  God must have really wanted me to go to Cannon Beach with my Hon-!  Thank You LORD!

Cook 3 cups of desired noodles as directed, I used egg noodles.  Drain and put into a casserole dish – add one can Cream of Mushroom and one can Cream of Chicken soups and a 1/2 cup milk.  Stir – don’t mush the noodles 🙂   Add 1 cup frozen, pre-cooked chicken strips – I get mine from Costco.  Add 1 cup frozen vegetables of choice, these are also from Costco.  Stir again.

Now comes my favorite part:  Melt 1/2 cup margarine.  Crush 1 pack Ritz Crackers (I actually crushed them while they were in the package), and stir into melted margarine. Sprinkle the mixture with a spoon onto the casserole.  Bake for 45 minutes uncovered at 350 degrees. MMMMGood!

We all went to church and then…

My Hon-
My Hon-

My Hon- and I were off to Cannon Beach; he drove and I relaxed 🙂

















Blinkin Squiggle

We got a room with a view of Hay Stack Rock and the ocean, between our toes… We chose to ignore the parking lot next to Mo’s 🙂 But I am an avid “people watcher”, so if you were down there – well, I probably saw you 🙂


I created things while Hon- listened to worship music – some of our favorite things to do.

Granny Squares
Granny Squares

We ate breakfast at our favorite restaurant called “The Local Grill and Scoop”, went on a walk between the raindrops with ice cream cones from a man named Josh who loved Jesus and loved to worship on the piano in jazz style (we can relate :), and we had salad and pizza at Fultano’s for dinner.  We saved some of the pizza for the kids and also bought them candy at “Bruce’s Candy Kitchen”.


Blinkin Squiggle

Fultano's Pizza
Fultano’s Pizza

We went back to the hotel and relaxed by the fireplace and watched “House Hunters”. There was a couple who bought a get away house in Cannon Beach and they got a great deal!  We were both surprised 🙂


Blinkin Squiggle

We went for a drive and got some beautiful pictures of the ocean!


Look at those beautiful rock formations!  This part of the Pacific Ocean is famous for these 🙂  Isn’t God’s art work amazing!


These pictures are not in black and white – it was just very stormy and overcast, but O so beautiful!  We love Cannon Beach – it’s like being just a little closer to our Awesome God through His amazing creation.  We praise Him!
We took one last picture and headed back home to our wonderful kids – what a Beautiful time with my Hon-!

Hay Stack Rock & Seagals in March
Hay Stack Rock & Seagals in March

Take a break, even if it’s close by and just for a few days – Do it, it’s worth it!



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